Has anyone used ArcGIS Online to interface with SagesGov permitting software?

11-22-2019 11:22 AM
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I work for a municipal government and handle zoning permitting, and we contract with a County agency for building permits/inspections. The County Building Dept. is transitioning toward electronic plan review using software known as SagesGov, provided by a company called Sages Networks. I, however, want to use ArcGIS Online web apps and feature layers to integrate zoning, building, and other types of permitting in a "one stop shop."  Sages Networks claims to be able to interface with ArcGIS Online by storing plan review records in a feature layer, which could then be shared via ArcGIS Online. 

Has anyone ever used ArcGIS Online in conjunction with SagesGov? If so, is the data shared between the SagesGov database and the ArcGIS Online feature layer in real time, or does it have to be a periodic export? Can the sharing work in reverse - i.e., can a new feature (permit application) be added to the feature layer and automatically be reflected in the SagesGov database?

I'll admit this is a long shot, but I haven't been able to get anywhere yet by talking to SagesGov or the County.

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Cross-posting this to Urban and Regional Planning‌ as this space may have some more input into this question.

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