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Ascii to Raster error

Question asked by alex_braian on Jun 15, 2016
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Hi everyone, I have one question about the conversion from ASCII to raster. I know that ASCII files can be represented on ArcGIS as rasters. I have a lot of files to convert and manipulate right after the conversion; however, the conversion does not work for some files. I tried analyzing the ASCII files in the notepad and it seems that the values are corrupted. For example, I have values of ice concentration, which can vary from -1 to 100 %, looking through the ASCII files that do not work I found values such as, -110,010,010. In my opinion, some of the values in the ASCII file have gotten together, and now when I try to put them into ArcGIS, it just show a blur instead of what I want (the ice concentration on the waterways). Does anyone know a way that I can try to fix it? The grids are huge (516columns and 510rows) and try to space each corrupted value manually it's not an option.