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Using WMX Services in a ArcGIS Server site configuration

Question asked by alison_ott on Jun 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2016 by alison_ott

We had a development environment that  consisted of two servers(111 and 114) sitting behind an F5 (ie. http://geoQA).

We had been using the WMX JavaScript Viewer application through this URL (http://geoQA/WMX) accessing a WMServer service that was running on both machines (111 and 114).

We added a third server into the configuration by placing it in a site with one of the machines (added 115 into a site with 111). 111 has a web adaptor, 115 does not.


With the servers in a site, we were able to successfully pass a request to the WMX Service and receive results.



Unfortunately with the site configuration, when you hit the URL for the WMX Viewer, you receive various errors.

Reviewing the requests in the back end we are seeing a variety of errors appearing. Sometimes it is a 400 error, sometimes it is more specific to the inability to recognise my user name for confirmation against the service. 


Can anyone confirm if there are any issues with using sites in ArcGIS Server and using WMX Services? Are we missing something in our server configuration?


My apologies that I don't have more specific errors. We have removed the server from the site in order to get the application back up and running, so I can't send them out at this time.