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Geoprocessing with JS API 4.0

Question asked by on Jun 13, 2016
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I am having trouble figuring out how to call an asynchronous geoprocessing service with the new 4.0 API.  I have looked at the example for calling the sychronous service, but I didn't see any examples for an asynchronous service.  I understand that it requires using a "promise", which I am trying to learn to use, and it appears that I have to use "getResultImageLayer()" or "getResultImage()", but I don't understand what I would use for the parameters "resultName" and "imageParams".  In the 3.x API, I had to use the URL for the MapServer of the asynchronous service along with the JobId, which would return the result as a layer.   I guess I am just confused how this now works in the 4.0 API.  I wish there was an example of using an asychronous service.   Does anyone know of any examples?