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Use Graphic and Layer Transform to Calculate New Points

Question asked by omega_cancer on May 29, 2016
Latest reply on May 31, 2016 by omega_cancer

I have 4 graphics on map with 3 map points and a polyline. As I am scaling / rotating polyline with editor I want 3 map points to calculate its new position relatively to scale or rotation of polyline.


 var graphicTransform = graphicDojoShape.getTransform();
 var layerTransform = evt.graphic.getLayer()._div.getTransform();

var wrapOffset = 0;
 var f = map.toScreen({x: roomGeometry.x, y: roomGeometry.y, spatialReference: spatialReference}, !0);
 f.x += wrapOffset;
 f = matrix.multiplyPoint([layerTransform, graphicTransform, matrix.invert(layerTransform)], f);
 f.x -= wrapOffset;
 f = map.toMap(f);


This code is not working.

Any clue?