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Portal token issues with FeatureServer

Question asked by lwainwright on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by JQuinn-esristaff

Hi Everyone

I have not placed a ticket with ESRI Australia yet.......just seeing if anyone has had the same problem.


We have ArcGIS Portal for ArcGIS 10.3.1 using AD authentication and federated with ArcGIS Server. Both on same server (Windows 2012) and fully patched. Portal/AGS, each with their own web adapter.

I am getting issues with tokens when displaying or querying a featureserver. Essentially I cannot see a features when using the map viewer in Portal or performing a query from the rest endpoint of AGS for the FeatureServer. The message from AGS rest once pressing Query (Get) is:

         Unable to complete operation.

         Unable to perform query operation.

We can query the same MapServer without problem.


Has anyone else had this problem?? It seemed to start once the patching had been completed.



The messages from AGS log is:

Token is not a valid Admin token. Trying portal token next. Token = BaM6fpKag78K2HqpfjTit3cvUcuhmAVWyZ_dh08h6fQ7UgVmep0P8K7AO8XyQhCRajbIK8rgUA5p5ZwWvaZcbH7n_tqs1wuUjyemMVMmA6giOq2lY7qmY1Wr2dLVYQyfXTh275uBRCUcSmBYsFNueDHQwMoKv42ucHABg_pjH5uNARiK01-3-C4PNEMgv-LJtDNZfqFVrgEB4U9A1vngw9ZLTaZWk5D0Sa4uXpMwgY8h-KKlfRS_NPXOThe17UUu, referrer = https://XXXXXXX/arcgisserver/manager/log.html#lgf=type%2Ctime%2Cmessage%2Csource&lqlf=DEBUG&lqa=last%20hour&lqs=ALL&lqm=ALLCould not decrypt token. Token may not be valid.