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Web AppBuilder Print widget and proxy service

Question asked by sch7712 on Mar 31, 2016
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Hello all!


I have a app that I created using Web AppBuilder (WAB) Developer Edition. We are hosting the app on our web server. The map and all the layers are hosted on ArcGIS Online (AGOL).


I have configured the Esri Proxy service that is available on GitHub in order load the app without prompting for AGOL credentials.


The app that I created has the "out of the box" print widget enabled. When the proxy is disabled, and the user must login manually when the app loads, the print widget works fine.

When the proxy is enabled for the app, the print widget does not work.




Here is the error I get on Fiddler web debugger:


{"error":{"code":400,"message":"Unable to complete operation.","details":["Error executing tool. Export Web Map Task Job ID: ID12345ABCDE : Layer \"Road Detours\": Failed to create layer from service at https://our_agol_server/XtlHFoXqFDQ/arcgis/rest/services/Training_Road_Closures/FeatureServer/2.\nLayer \"Road Closures\": Failed to create layer from service at https://our_agol_server/XtlHFoXqFDQ/arcgis/rest/services/Training_Road_Closures/FeatureServer/1.\nLayer \"Road Blocks\": Failed to create layer from service at https://our_agol_server/XtlHFoXqFDQ/arcgis/rest/services/Training_Road_Closures/FeatureServer/0.\nFailed to execute (Export Web Map).\nFailed to execute (Export Web Map Task)."]}}




These three layers (Road Closures, Detours, and Blocks) are the only layers on the map that need to utilize the proxy.


It would seem that the "out of the box" proxy widget is not "proxy aware".


Is there anyone who has had a similar situation and found a solution or work around?


Thanks in advance!