Android keyboard pops up for domain value questions

05-23-2017 09:48 PM
New Contributor

Hello.  I'm testing a web app (with the edit widget) on both iOS and Android.

When using Android, the keyboard pops up every time I come to a domain question and takes up half the screen.

The same discussion has been raised about Collector on Android but I'm unsure what the final decision is on that.  Some were saying that it's useful when you have a big list of options because you can start typing to filter the list.

I have 2 concerns with it though. 

1) It takes up so much space on the screen and sometimes even gets in the way so it's not user friendly.

2) I'm able to type whatever I want even though I get a warning message saying it's not a valid value.  In the attached example, I wrote "Ju" when the only options should have been "Yes" or "No".  I was then able to carry on editing and using my app but what it did without telling me was changed the value to be null.  Unfortunately this attribute is what I was symbolising on so from my second attachment, you can see that my feature has disappeared from the map.  I realise that's a very specific use case though.  

I feel like it would be more user friendly if the Android version worked the same way as iOS.


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