Web AppBuilder for Developers Print Widget and Proxy

05-22-2017 12:56 PM
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Hello Everyone,

We have an app put together in Web AppBuilder. It contains a secure service. When we have the app configured to not use a proxy, the print widget works fine with the secure service. No issues. However, if we enable the proxy, the secure service functions well with all the other widgets, but it doesn't seem to be playing nice with the print widget. It errors out with the following response (looking at the network tab in firefox's inspect element)

If I compare the parameters being passed in both situations, I find that when the proxy is not enabled and the user is forced to login, the parameters passed to the print service include a token whereas the parameters with the proxy enabled fail to include a token for the print service.

Any ideas on how to get the print widget to work with a secure service when a proxy is being used?

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