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Query Layer Feature Count Does not Match SQL Server Management Studio

Question asked by mkoneya on Mar 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by bixb0012

I created a query in SQL Server Management studio using a SQL Server ArcSDE multi-version view joined to another SQL table.   I am joining a signs SQL table to our sign posts feature class.   We have more signs than signposts so I am using a Left Join to get the SQL Geometry of the Sign Post feature class and assigning it to the joined sign.


When I run the query SQL in management studio,  I see about 45,000 records returned.


When I take that same SQL statement and create a Query Layer from it,  the number or records in the Query Layer's attribute table is about 29,000.


If I than export the Query Layer to a shapefile,  the number of records exported matches exactly the roughly 45,000 I expected to see.


I have seen these types of discrepancies in counts before with SQL Query Layers when used in ArcMap.    What is the cause of this issue?   It makes it hard to trust what is shown in ArcMap when view the Query Layer directly.