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Can I make a button a toggle for multiple feature layers?

Question asked by NMWRRI on Mar 24, 2016
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Hi all! Thanks for taking the time to look into this.


I have two buttons that I added manually into my webmap. One of them is a hover dropdown that shows my layers.

I have six feature layers in total, however 3 of the layers are in inches and 3 are in millimeters. The other button is my unit button (buttona).When I click my unit button (buttona)  the inner.HTML flip flops between Inches and Millimeters (see code below), is there a way to program buttona so that this button looks for the current layer that is currently showing and after its clicked it would display its counter part?


For example: If I have a county layer displaying in inches, when I click "buttona", it would hide the inches layer and display the county millimeters layer? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Kindest Regards,


Francisco Ochoa


var flipflop = false;

var buttona = document.getElementById("buttona");

buttona.onclick = function change() {

       if (!flipflop) {

            buttona.innerHTML = "Inches";

       } else {

            buttona.innerHTML = "Millimeters" }

  flipflop = !flipflop;



  function showcounties() {

  if ( buttona.innerHTML == "Millimeters" ) {



  else {





  function showHUC8() {

  if ( buttona.innerHTML == "Millimeters" )


  else { showHUC8in();}};



  function showWPR() {

  if ( buttona.innerHTML == "Millimeters" )


  else {showwprin();}};


  function showcountymm()  {; HUC8.hide(); WPR.hide(); CNTYin.hide(); HUC8in.hide(); WPRin.hide();}


  function showhuc8mm() {

  featureLayer.hide();; WPR.hide(); CNTYin.hide(); HUC8in.hide(); WPRin.hide();}


  function showwprmm() {

  featureLayer.hide(); HUC8.hide();; CNTYin.hide(); HUC8in.hide(); WPRin.hide();}


  function showcountyin(){

  featureLayer.hide(); HUC8.hide(); WPR.hide();; HUC8in.hide(); WPRin.hide();}


  function showHUC8in(){

  featureLayer.hide(); HUC8.hide(); WPR.hide(); CNTYin.hide();; WPRin.hide();}


  function showwprin(){

  featureLayer.hide(); HUC8.hide(); WPR.hide(); CNTYin.hide(); HUC8in.hide();;}