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New to development, Code editor question(brackets)

Question asked by ljohnson40 on Feb 18, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by tkowal

Hello, I would appreciate any help I could get. I am new to the developing world and have a few questions. I have looked at a lot of the documentation and videos but am still running into problems. I have been exploring code and manipulating code for Web Apps and very new to this. So I downloaded Brackets code editor to try and get started. I didn't download anything else...Are their other things I should download like dojo or something along with brackets? I tried following some of the tutorials (found here ) in brackets and after each section of code in the tutorial I run the code to see how things are coming. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the first section of code(the HTML part) I continuously run into html errors.... I was wondering if their is something else I should download with brackets and how to get set up with brackets(as far as maybe setting or certain types of configurations, etc) to start playing with code(html, css, JavaScript) so I can start playing around with the code of other web apps.. I have watched probably 15 different ESRI tech conference videos, YouTube and read a bunch of documentation but still continue to run into problem with the code editor... .Any help or guidance in this would be greatly appreciated...Thanks