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Partial refresh not working when layout graphics exist

Question asked by mister_nav on Jan 27, 2016



I'm experiencing strange behaviour in ArcGIS v10.3

Adding layout graphic elements to all 4 corners of our map will result in a full refresh every time a point feature is moved.


Things that I've noticed are:

a) If I delete the graphic elements, ArcMap will perform a partial refresh using the extents of the feature being moved, which in my case is a point feature with a tiny extent so the refresh is super fast.

b) If we only have 2 graphic elements (1 in corner, 1 in center), ArcMap will create a bounding box between these graphic elements and refresh that area, regardless of where my point feature is (ie a partial refresh will occur around my point feature as well as the bounding box between the graphic elements)


Has anyone else come across and/or fixed this issue?