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Moving the Cache directory to another server, pros/cons?

Question asked by naalexandrou on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2016 by naalexandrou

Hey guys kind of a general ArcServer question,


We are in the very beginning stages of implementing an Enterprise GIS and are configuring our ArcServer. We have a single machine setup, with other additional servers that are accessible through shared network locations. ArcServer and its default directories (cache,jobs,output,systems) are located all on the same machine that the ArcServer was built. A recent project involved the making of a very large mosaic'd raster file. The problem we have run into is that where the cache folder is located currently, there is not enough space on the server to house the new file.


Would it be wiser to move the ArcGIS server cache to another server, granting appropriate SOC and SOM permissions, or to just expand the space on the server that the cache is presently on.


We are trying to think long term, and maybe making space would be an easier fix presently, would it be more wise to move the directories to other servers?


What are some pros and cons?


Any advice would be appreciated!