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server cache still using source files

Question asked by imgooch on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2016 by MChilcott

I have a few imagery tile caches created based on imagery in either MrSid or Grid format in ArcGIS Server.  I'm trying to clear out some hd space and wanted to remove the copy of the imagery that is on that server, or at least move it.  However, despite the cache being created, and I assume being all that is used to display the imagery, Server will not allow me to remove the imagery files that were used to create the cache.  If I stop the server service and remove the files, no imagery appears anymore in my applications.


1.  Why would a cache need the original imagery data when working with a cache?  Is there some way to change this?

2.  Where is the reference to the original imagery located so I can change it?  I would like to move the data to another drive but not have to recreate the caches since it cripples the server during that process.