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Static composite images from local (map service) & remote data in 10.3?

Question asked by bkirchho on Jan 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by bkirchho

We have built an application using ArcGIS for Server 10.0 with map services that incorporated ESRI (and other) basemap services and we are preparing to upgrade to ArcGIS for Server 10.3.  The purpose of these services is to be able to create map images for html and/or PDF files that display these basemaps + our vector data as a static image. In 10.0 we do this with a single export call to the REST service endpoint. As an example:,264&bbox=-93.22142724999999,42.252681800000005,-85.91755375000001,47.550638199999995&layers=show:6,15&format=jpg&imageSR=102100&dpi=96&f=image&transparent=false&bboxSR=4326&layerDefs=6:filter_id=1 and id = 300716

Inline image 1

where layer ID 6 is a a locally served vector data layer of states, and layer 15 is a service layer (in this case, the ESRI satellite imagery)


When we attempt to create the service definition files for 10.3 map services, we can't have embedded services within a map service.  So, we are unable to create these static, composite images with services as a mix of service based layers and local data.


This is critical functionality of our system, and needs to be replicated with 10.3. Neither our use case nor our security posture allows use of tools like ArcGIS Online to create such composite images. How do we create composite images from local & remote data in 10.3?


Thank you.