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"InvalidOperationException: Error initializing ArcGISRuntimeEnvironment" in MainWindow.xaml

Question asked by m.glasesri-de-esridist Employee on Jan 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2016 by m.glasesri-de-esridist

I get an error in Visual Studio when editing my MainWindow.xaml:

InvalidOperationException: Error initializing ArcGISRuntimeEnvironment. Unable to find ArcGISRuntime deployment folder. To create a deployment run the ArcGISRuntime Deployment Tool to create a folder called arcgisruntime10.2.6. Place this in the same folder as your exe, or set the ArcGISRuntimeEnvironment.InstallPath to point to a different location. This deployment folder must contain sub-folders matching your process architecture. For developers you can also install the ArcGIS Runtime .Net SDK, which includes a deployment folder.

That is the reason why Visual Studio does not show any esri objects in the Design-Window and marks any esri objects as error in the xaml window.


The strange thing is: this has worked for many days now without any problems so far. I could not remember that I have changed anything, I justed opened up my project.

But: even if I get error messages in the designer, I could compile and run the programm without any problems! So it seems to be a problem of the designer, but it is annoying.


Any one have an idea how to get a solution for this problem?