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DOS question: running a command on folders AND subfolders 

Question asked by alexroma on Dec 29, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2015 by alexroma

Hi, I need to update security settings (i.e. grant the Modify permission to the GIS users group) on ALL files\folders\subflders within a mother-folder. There are many-many of them inside. I'm on Win 2008 Server R2.

So I run this command:


>icacls  motherFolder\*   /grant  myCoDomain\GISusersGrp:(M)


The command returns successful message that it changed the all the files  (A1, A2, ...) and all the folders (F1, F2, ...) in the first level only. No subfolders (SF1) and no level-B files are mentioned and affected. And, even F1 and F2, folders are called "successful", their security setting have NOT been changed! Why? Unfortunately, ICACLS Help is not very helpful


Explicit command on a folder doesn't work either:

>icacls  motherFolder\F1   /grant  myCoDomain\GISusersGrp:(M)