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Configuration ESRI Server

Question asked by EntropiaFrederiek on Dec 22, 2015



We are testing our ESRI Server (10.2) with a ReverseGeoCoding-extension (delivered by ESRI-Belux). This extension searches in the Map-layers (roads en address points) to give back the most correct ReverseGeoCoding-translation of a GPS-position.


Everything works fine, the average time to translate a position is 150 ms à 300 ms. But sometimes, this suddenly takes 3 sec till 60 sec to translate a position, after this peak, translations are back at normal translation time (but then we have an enormous queue).


My questions is: what is happening on the server to have such a high translations time?

We are using on maximum 4 instances on our map with a recycle every 24 hours (starting at 00:00, but at midnight the performance isn't slow).

The check and repair setting is set to 30 minutes, what exactly is this?

The timeouts are set to 600/60/1800 seconds.


Thanks in advance,