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Edit Widget - time not visible when DateTime field has time enabled

Question asked by Lizd711 on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2018 by craigp22

I need to be able to edit the time in the date field using the edit widget. The edit widget only displays a calendar and does not populate the time. The web map I am using with the feature service has the pop-up configured already for the date field to be formatted as shortDate and show the time. With this configuration I'm able to edit the time using the ArcGIS Online Edit but unfortunately this functionality does not carry over into the edit widget on the Web App Builder.
I found someone with the same issue as this but they are using the Network Trace widget and the code they altered to fix this is not the same in the edit widget. There's the link to their solution.

If anyone has a solution for editing the time with the edit widget and/or adding a button to the calendar to set today's date, it would greatly be appreciated.