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WAB - Unit Testing

Question asked by caseycupp on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by majetivaraprasad

Has anyone been successful with getting unit testing working with their own WAB app. (We've taken the stemapp and added widgets, and made a few updates to pre-built widgets)


I've tried adding jasmine to my project, but can't seem to get the require / config file set right..


I also tried using the existing DOH framework inside the dojo pieces, but that didn't work either. (actually worked, but wasn't able to get it to work with super simple tests inside the DOH folders, but nothing outside of those folders.. like my actual app.


Has anyone else had any luck.. Any suggestions.




(PS I posted this last week, but I don't think it ended up here in the WAB area.