Online public account or Organizational account?

11-17-2016 09:21 AM
New Contributor

Hi, I have a question regarding options and licensing requirements for using ArcGIS Web App for public dissemination of data. I work for a research organisation and we are considering using the Web App platform to produce a customised application with some limited interactivity to disseminate our results to local stakeholders. Obviously the free ArcGIS online public account offers some degree of functionality in building Web Apps, with, from what I understand, the next step up being the organizational account, which apparently incurs a subscription cost. I'm unsure what benefits the organisational account offers over the public one, and whether it justifies the additional not insignificant expenditure for us -  Can anyone shed some light on what the key differences between the public/organizational accounts are, and what I'd be paying for in the latter?

Any advice is much appreciated, thanks in advance.

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