Login Authentication required - WAB/AGOL app

11-16-2016 11:48 PM
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I had developed the app using WAB/AGOL. It is ready to deliver to client.


1. Login Authentication - If I want to implement the login authentication using ADS, Any options available in WAB/AGOL?

2. If ADS is not possible, any other options to create the login form to restrict the user?

Thanks in advance.

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Are you looking for Configure Active Directory Federation Services?

Think Location
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Hi Jayanta,

The objective, Developed an app using AGOL/WAB. Now the user must shown with Login page. ADS will have group say HR, The HR group Domain user, he must able to login in and view the map in app.

Which concept I have to opt?

OAuth or Active Directory Federation Service?

Thanks for advance.

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