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ArcGIS API Question - Submit polygons and an html form

Question asked by bvilla on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2015 by thejus.kambi

So my team and I are working with the ArcGIS Javascript API.


We have a special need... We need to draw polygons on a map with an attached infoWindow that contains one editable drop-down field, fill out a separate HTML form on the same page (a non-arcgis html form) and submit the polygons (to a Feature Service) and the form (to a separate non-spacial table) with the same form submit button. The main goal is to prevent polygons from saving to the Feature Service until the HTML form has been submitted. We are not using any ArcGIS Widgets in our application.


My problem is, I can create a polygon but I want to have that infoWindow popup on "draw-complete" so I can edit the polygon's attribute. I cant seem to create an infoTemplate/attributeInspector on newly drawn geometry. This has something to do with the GrahpicsLayer and all the examples I find are dealing with a FeatureLayer.


Does anyone have any clue on what I should do?


I have looked at the following samples on the ArcGIS API site and several others that are not worth mentioning.


For saving the new polygons - Using the attribute inspector | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 

For drawing/editing polygons - Edit without editor widget | ArcGIS API for JavaScript


Thank you very much for reading my plea!