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Issues with ToC loading

Question asked by jdkitzmi on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by jdkitzmi

I am using this code: for a Table of Contents in my application. I'm using an older version of the API (3.5). I have been working on making my app work in Web App Builder so I haven't touched the code on the Javascript API version in a few months. I noticed yesterday the ToC wasn't loading properly. I turned on Firebug and got an error I can't really interpret. I also got some in Chrome as well. I've attached the images of the errors below. Anyone have any insight? I know it was working recently. Again, I haven't touched any of the code in months so something has happened I'm just not sure what. I was hoping that this application would be working for a presentation I have next week so any help to get this working again would be great.