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Help with model builder and iterators

Question asked by loss182 on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by loss182

Hi, my name is Victor and i'm new at the model building theme, but I need your help to connect two models that Ihave, they function perfectly when executed separately, but when I try to join them, they stop working....


So, here is my scenario: I need to convert a series MODIS image scenes, .hdf type to a geotiff mosaic so I can work with it.


The arrangement of the files are: Modis image folder > Month of the image (ex: Jan15) > Two folders with 7 .hdf scenes each separated by date (ex: 01_01_15 and 17_01_15).


The first model that i built converts the entire folder to a geotiff image, with the same name but with a extension (%Name%_Copy.tif), it works fine if i need to convert just a few images, because i need to select just one date folder at a time, but i can't do it in the batch mode due the iterator for large numbers of dates, and this is very time consuming....


The second model transforms a entire folder into a single geotiff mosaic and rescale it, it works in batch mode, so this step is working just fine

workspace to mosaic model.jpg

If i join the models, when i execute it, the Create Raster Dataset process of the second model doesn't work anymore giving me the 9999 error.


So here's where i need your help, how can I execute the first model in a batch mode or there is another iterator that i can use to do this?


And the second problem but a optional one, why that Create raster process stops workin when i decide to join both models?



Sorry for my bad english, it isn't my mother language...