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QUESTION: What API did AOL/Portal developers use to develop Map Notes?

Question asked by seannakasone on Nov 25, 2015
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I notice that the graphics in AOL/Portal support text, and also some graphics (like lines and rectangles) will scale as you zoom in and out, and map notes can be save to a JSON file on the server.  So I would like to create something similar using a web api .


I know there's the Graphics module in ArcGIS API for JavaScript, however these graphics do not scale when you zoom in/out.  For example, if you were to zoom into 1:1000 scale, and draw a line/rectangle, then zoom out to 1:50,000 , the thickness of the graphics will not scale down and the graphics will overlap each other and start getting grainy.  And there's no way to place text.    I know you can add graphics to a feature layer, which would be saved, but then each type of graphic (point, line, etc) would need a separate layer, and we would need to have separate layers for each user.


Are there alternatives to using the basic Graphics and Feature Layer modules in the JavaScript API ?