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Use Desktop created Tile Cache for Cached Basemap on ArcGIS for Server?

Question asked by arepsher on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by arepsher

Hello all,


I have been generating basemap Tile Packages for use in a few ArcGIS Runtime applications.  Using the desktop tools (at 10.3.1) to create the Tile Cache has been phenomenal, because I can use 19 threads on my desktop  machine.  This cuts down the time to cache our entire state, 1:2M to 1:2,500, 13 scales, to about 6 hours.


Since using the "Manage Tile Cache" allows the use of Parallel Processing, I was wondering if I could use the result and dump it into an empty ArcGIS Server cached map service.  Any thoughts or links to documentation would be fantastic!


Thank you,