deauthorize/authorize ecp in staging and production server

11-24-2015 03:55 AM
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Hi Everyone,

By mistake ... we have used the ecp code for production into staging server and I got my ArcGIS server website running and connected with many in house developed applications.

The problem now its appear in our ESRI portal account that the staging license is free and the commercial license is used, while we are planning to repeat the same development and configuration on our production server later on but we cannot use it.

What is the solution and process steps need to be done without affecting any implementations that already done on the staging server? How we can correct them now?

Re-install ArcGIS server is not advisable

Best Regards!!

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Personally, I would recommend talking with tech support and your customer service rep (or distributor) to make sure this works smoothly.   The version you are using may also play a rool in the best way to approach this.

If it's just applying a new authorization to a server, for example with an EDN license that expires every year, that can be done by reauthorizing.  But I haven't seen a good way to de-authorize server.

However, my guess is you once you are re-authorized, especially if the server name/IP don't change all should work.  And if you do have to move services, another user Sebastien Petit announced a tool last week that can help (on github)  eea/discomap.ServiceTransferTool · GitHub

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One trick is to use the license file created on your server located here C:\Program Files (x86)\ESRI\License10.3\sysgen

and say in licensing "i received a file".

I never managed to desauthorize a license directly, always had to talk to my distributor