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Change default sort order of Open Data site

Question asked by deleted-user-BAik00wdZwPa on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2017 by cdejacob

Is it possible to change the default sort order of an open data website? Currently the default when creating a custom open data page with HTML is to sort search bar results by "Relevance". I would like to have the default sort order be by "Name", and if possible by name Z>A.


I found it was possible to change the default sort order from "Relevance" to "Name" when I used a custom data category button but I couldn't find any code in Esri's default open data site template to change the default search bar result to sort by "Name".


Here is our open data site. I'm still relatively new at HTML coding and don't have advanced knowledge of how it works. I've gotten by mostly through duplicating code from sites I like and filling in our content.


Any thoughts or ideas?