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Limit esriRequest query results to area of interest

Question asked by vygintasc on Oct 26, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2015 by schlot

Is there a way to limit results of the esriRequest query below to extents of the area of interest?


                    var qrequest = esriRequest({
                        url: test_url,
                        content: {
                            where: "objectid > 0",
                            returnGeometry: true,
                            outFields: "name",
                            outSR: configuration.wkid,
                            f: "json"
                        handleAs: "json",
                        callbackParamName: 'callback'


One way I can think of would be iterating through the returned feature set and checking which ones intersect the extent, but I would prefer to have this done server side, as these feature sets could be quite large.