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Publish Service with Feature Access using Join or View

Question asked by sarahclark on Oct 19, 2015
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by bhanu_vd

My company has many parcel layers that store parcels with IDs in one enterprise geodatabase, and tables with landowner information in a separate enterprise geodatabase, all on an instance of SQL Server. Normally for Mapping services I publish them with a join and the attributes and geometry are both available online.


For Feature Access it seems a join is not supported. The Help suggested making a View, however, with the View in the map now I receive the error "Layer's data source is not supported". I thought it might be that the View does not have a GlobalID, but I am unable to add one in ArcCatalog.


I tried a Relationship Class but that doesn't allow me to use the table's attributes for things like labeling and symbolizing.


I must be missing something. How can I serve joined data as a Service with Feature Access?