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Why does this model fail to find a .py file?

Question asked by tedrakel_power on Oct 19, 2015
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In Arc GIS 10.2.1, I've written custom toolbox which contains a model which in turn makes use of a .py file that lives in the same folder as the toolbox .tbx file, as shown below:

tbx and py file folder.jpg

When I copy the folder with the .tbx and .py files to a new machine in order to run the model, the model APSAddDataAreaToLasDataset displays a red x next to it indicating that it has a problem.

model shows a red x in arc catalog.jpg


The problem seems to be that the model cannot find the file that it needs.  The tool AddShapeConstraint has a red x next to it in the Model Builder editor.  Also the Edit option is missing from the Properties of the tool in model builder, shown below.


model editor shows broken reference to py file.jpg


If I remove the tool AddShapeConstraint from the model and then add it back in from the Insert->Tool menu item, then the model can find the .py file and everything works.  Does anyone know why the model cannot find the .py file, and therefore I must delete and then add back the tool to the model whenever I copy this custom toolbox and its .py files to a new machine?


The problematic file is attached.