EnumerateLoadedModules64 failed with error 0 - ArcGIS 10.3

10-07-2015 09:04 AM
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Recently upgraded to 10.3 and now geoprocessing that ran fine in 10.0 fails and dumps this error.

EnumerateLoadedModules64 failed with error 0

Nothing changed but the version. Did I miss a setting in the 10.3 setup? It was installed remotely by our service desk.

Online research shows it might be related to available resources, Oracle version and/or database load.

desktop has i7 processor 3.2ghxcpu

16 gb of ram

15.9 gb avail mem

31.9 gb virtual mem

15.9 gb page file

database is in Oracle 11g

Any ideas?

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You didn't give any detail on which tools or data were not running correctly, or if these were custom tools, modelbuilder tools, etc.

But, the biggest change (at 10.1 SP1) for GP was 64 bit background processing. Some tools and data types will not work using background processing. You may want to go to Geoprocessing/Options and turn off background processing and see if your tools will run.

It's possible your ArcGIS - Oracle client set up is not setup correctly in 64 bit, but would work fine in 32-bit (foreground).

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Thanks for the ideas. I will give it a try and see what happens.

I am running a SAS script that calls Python to extract and manipulate spatial data from our corporate database. The script extracts and renames a copy of the required data without issue, converts FEATURE VERTICES to POINTS without issue and only when it tries to ADD XY COORDINATES the issue occurs.

The ADD XY COORDINATE process does not die right away. Sometimes it gets to 85% complete and other times to over 90% before it dies. When it dies, it shuts everything down except the warning pop up.

I will check the background processing option and see what happens.

Thanks again.


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