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Editing a table linked to a feature class in different databases

Question asked by hanidraidi on Oct 17, 2015
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I have the following scenario:

I have an enterprise database NOT Geodatabase (Oracle Database) that contains hundreds of tables that I can connect to via ArcMap and explore its tables hosted on a standalone server.

I also have another enterprise Geodatabase hosted on another separate server that contains layers that have common fields with the tables in the first enterprise database.

I can link the data between the two databases by joining/relating the tables from the two databases using key fields that the two databases share.

After linking the two databases, I want to be able to edit the enterprise database’s tabular data linked to the feature classes attribute tables in the Geodatabase. Usually, when I have a feature class and a stand alone table (which share a key field that contains unique identifiers for each feature/record) within the same Geodatabase, I create a relationship class that defines the relation between them (using composite relationship, and forward messaging), and then I can edit the table from the feature class. However, in this case the table lives in a separate enterprise database, and the feature class lives in another enterprise Geodatabase, and so the relationship class cannot see the table and the feature class simultaneously. My question is: How can I edit the tabular data from the feature class.

The example below can better elaborate my case:

1-      I have a feature class for buildings in an enterprise Geodatabase (SQL Server Geo-Enabled database) that contains a field “Building_Code” that identify each building




2-      I also have a stand alone table for the same buildings in an Oracle enterprise database (Not Geo-enabled), which also contain the “Building_Code” field




3-      I want to establish a relationship (as I used to do with relationship classes) between the feature class (as origin) and the stand alone table (as a destination) based on the “Building_Code” field.

Is this possible? If yes, please advise how can I do this.


Any help is appreciated