Inherit common data from parent feature in a relationship class

10-18-2015 11:45 AM
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I have a feature class for buildings, and a table for the flats within each buildings. The flats-table is linked to the building feature class by a relationship class that defines a one-to-many relationship (each single building is composed of many flats) based on the “Building_Number” field as a key field between the table and the feature class.

In addition to the key field, there are many fields common between the table and the feature class (Parcel_Number, Block_Number, City,...).

In the building’s data, the data of all these fields are already entered. However, the flats data will be created and added to the building data using the relationship class (in the first screen screenshot).

When I add a new flat to the building, the only field populated within the flat’s data is the Building_Number field (because it is the primary key), and the other fields that are common between the two datasets and which are already filled in the building feature class are kept Null.

Is there a way to derive or inherit the common data available at the feature class to the new records (flats) added to the table?

In the screenshots below, there is a land parcel with the city name, block number, and parcel number data entered and ready, when I create a new flat in this building, only the building number is auto-entered, and the other common fields are kept “Null”, and I should repeat entering data for them. Is there a way to inherit this data from the building’s data automatically when creating a new flat?



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