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Geocoder Bug????

Question asked by GibbyAR on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by schlot

so given the code snippet below, here's the behavior: When I "pick", with the mouse, the address offered by the autoComplete, the function "showResults" does not fire. However when I enter the same exact address and press Enter, the showResults function does fire. And.....after selecting a second address via pressing Enter, the following error message appears on the console: "Geocoder:: stop query" but after successfully finding and zooming to the address. This one has me baffled and it may just be code drunkedness. Thanks in advance, rGibson



<script src=""></script>


      var map;

      var geocoder;

      var locatorUrl = "";


        "esri/map", "esri/dijit/Geocoder", "dojo/domReady!"

      ], function(

        Map, Geocoder

      ) {

        map = new Map("map",{

          basemap: "topo",

          center: [-117.19,34.05], // lon, lat

          zoom: 13



        var myGeocoders = [{

          url: locatorUrl,

          name: "myAddress",

   ////////very important when using custom geocoders

   singleLine: "Street"



        geocoder = new Geocoder({

          map: map,

          autoComplete: true,

          arcgisGeocoder: false,

          geocoders: myGeocoders, 

          value: "8813 Meadow Dr"





        geocoder.on("find-results", showResults);



  function showResults(results) {

  var geom;               

            geom = results.results.results[0].feature.geometry;