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Line Decorations in ArcPro

Question asked by Ronald.Knepper_AtkinsNA on Oct 13, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2015 by Ronald.Knepper_AtkinsNA

Ok so I am used to ArcGIS and trying to force myself to learn all the common items in ArcPro, can someone help direct me where to set up line decorations in ArcPro?  I need to add a directionality arrow to the end of my lines.  In ArcGIS I would go into the Symbol Property Editor, goto the Line Properties tab, then I could select a line decoration.  This would then show a single line with an arrow at the end showing direction.


Where is this in ArcPro?  I found line properties and I see you can add effects, one being an arrow effect but I do not want a double line, just the arrow on the end.  Anyone know what effect that is or where I should be looking if it is not in the effects?