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Getting Rest URL in QueryTask results

Question asked by sclark98 on Oct 13, 2015
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I have a config file consisting of multiple rest endpoint urls and various where clauses. This allows the app to query for a value across multiple rest endpoints (can be 1 or as many as 10) with one or more fields (as many as 4).


I am putting the urls and where clauses in an array and then looping through each, firing off a QueryTask for each:


for (q = 0; q < layerIDs.length; q++) {

  var queryTask = new esriQueryTask(layerIDs[q]);

  var query = new esriQuery();

  query.returnGeometry = true;

  query.outSpatialReference = {wkid:102100};

  query.outFields = [ '*' ];

  query.where = queryWheres[q];

  queryTask.execute(query, queryResults, queryError);



For the results, I am getting the results.features[i].geometry and throwing the graphics on the map. All this works well


var selections = results.features;

  array.forEach(selections, function(feat) {

  feat.setSymbol(new SimpleMarkerSymbol(SimpleMarkerSymbol.STYLE_CIRCLE, 32, null, new Color([175,0,0,0.50])));;


if (selections.length == 0) {

  smess.set("value", "No results found for the query.");

} else if (selections.length == 1 && selections[0].geometry.type == "point") {

  map.centerAndZoom( selections[0].geometry, 20);

} else {

  var extent = GraphicsUtils.graphicsExtent(selections);




However, if the results return more than one feature, I put the attributes in a ContentPane within a Container (Tab or Accordion). This I can do but I need to have the title for ContentPane to be something intelligent - preferably the mapserver name. I can use results.displayFieldName but that's nothing useful. I don't see anything in results beyond attributes and geometry.


var resPane = new ContentPane({

  title: ???results.displayFieldName??? + " (" + results.features.length + ")",

  content: grid



Is there a way (without running each QueryTask in a promise and having to hardcode each result) that I can get more information in the results from its QueryTask?