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Interacting with the JavaScript Map outside of jquery function()

Question asked by bwscim on Sep 22, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2015 by bwscim

I'm wondering if its possible to interact with ESRI JavaScript API Map & Layers outside of the function(){} call?  I've tried adding graphics to the layer but they don't appear.


Any help would be appreciated!


UPDATE: Ive been trying to add a graphics layer on a ASP MVC Ajax.BeginForm onComplete event.  If you define the onComplete event inside of function(){}/$(document).ready(...), it will be scoped to the function you pass to the ready function, and therefore invisible to ASP.NET MVC's JavaScript. When you define it outside of the function(){}/$(document).ready(...) function, it is global and available to ASP.NET MVC.


This answers why the result is occurring, My original question still stands.