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Query Layer Spatial Reference

Question asked by rossi45 on Sep 14, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2015 by asengupta-esristaff

I am building a query layer in ArcMap 10.2 via File-->Add Data-->Add Query Layer wizard. I am using a few tables from an Oracle database (11g, ST_Geometry) using ArcSDE 10.2.


There are 4 tables that i am using, 3 of which are regular database tables, the 4th is a spatial view. I am hoping to use the spatial view to populate the geometry of the results of the query layer.


I have built my query and validated it successfully. I have chosen to use the advanced options and when I get to that part of the wizard, supposedly I can choose a spatial reference so that i can project my results.


The problem that I am having is that this area is greyed out and I cannot set a spatial reference. Further to that, it is showing the spatial reference as "Unknown" which leads me to believe that the query layer is not picking up the reference from the spatial view. I have 'Finished' the query layer and all I get is a table with no geomtry attached to plot the shapes.


So, I have a few questions:


  1. How do I plot the shapes of my query layer, given the version of Oracle and SDE I am running?
  2. Can a query layer use a spatial view for the spatial aspect of the layer?
  3. If not, how would I accomplish this?
  4. Why is the spatial reference greyed out?


Thanks in advance for any help.