LGM : Home Owners Associations

10-20-2015 11:40 AM
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Up until an hour, or so, ago I would have bet you real money that there was an HOA layer in the LGM. However, after being asked what GDB to put our HOA layers into I opened the LGM and searched... and searched... and searched... and nothing.

Is anyone else using HOA's in the LGM? If so, where?

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Has nobody else tried to find a place for Home Owners Association in the LGM?

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HOA in LGM? One of out 2 anachronyms is getting closer to providing the full information needed to answer the question ... it has something to do with Managing Data AFAIK

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For clarification, is your question in regards to the Local Government Information Model (LGIM)?

Chris Donohue, GISP

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Yes, Chris, it is in reference to the Local Government Data Model (LGDM) / Local Government Model (LGM) / Local Government Information Model (LGIM)... I really wish they would PICK one and use it... I have yet to see if consistently referenced the same way twice...

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I'm guessing he is referring to HOA(Home Owners Association), LGM(Local Government Information Model)

I would also guess that the HOA could be treated like a subdivision.

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E I E I O....

That should just about do it....
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Wes Miller​, I have been trying to picture putting the HOA's into the Simultaneous Conveyance but we have 6 different categorical pieces.

Under HOA we have the following...

1) Alert neighbors

2) Block groups

3) Business associations

4) Homeowners associations

5) Neighborhood associations

6) Umbrella associations

We track all of the polygon-based features together. They are currently separated out into individual features, but I thought I could bring them together under one. The problem then comes in with requests for all of our Home owner associations... we would have to query them out.

Frustrated. I'm not even sure how to ask for what I need.

I need to store these items in an efficient manner, for ease of retrieval, and with the ability to both display them for the public and make them available for editing via internal web maps.

Still thinking simultaneous conveyances?

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