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Invalid value for <image> attribute x="NaN"

Question asked by DrSockMonkee on Sep 8, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2015 by DrSockMonkee

I have a jQuery Mobile site which has a page acting as a dialog that sends an x/y to a geocoding service. 


The results plunk on the map just nicely and the entire thing runs great on the desktop and phone with the following exception.


When running off of a mobile device.  When the user clicks on a listed result in the dialog the page header displays but the map does not.


Using Chrome debugging tools on an Android device I can see the error:

Invalid value for <image> attribute x="NaN".


Map disappears when size changes  seems to be a similar issue.


I have tried setting my map to 'autoResize:false' and handle the resize event in a separate portion of my code.


I can see the x and y in the console but am unsure of where you would set a coord for svg.js

Is this something I can handle separately?