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Geometric Network Issue

Question asked by cktia07 on Aug 18, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2019 by fallingdog

Hello.  I am working in 10.2.2 - ArcMap Advanced.  We have a sql database that is versioned.  I unregistered the dataset as versioned and the I created a Geometric Network on our Water Distribution dataset.  All seemed to be okay, so I registered the feature dataset.  However, I found out that those water feature classes that participated within the geometric network, no longer were showing up within people's desktop maps.  I was able to re-add those layers into a map on most occasions and all appeared to work fine while in the map.  However, when you got out and then went back into the map - they once again showed red exclamations next to those water layers.  On a few computers I'd get the error message "Error opening feature class.  The feature class participates in a geometric network that could not be opened.  DBMS table not found."  and I was unable to even add the feature classes back into these maps.  I'd appreciate any insight into this issue!  Thank you much!