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Question about Hosted Feature Services

Question asked by pocahontasWV on Aug 18, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2015 by pocahontasWV

I am trying to create a web app where I can use the search function to find parcel polygons based on their attributes. My understanding is that in order to configure the search feature it has to be a hosted feature service. How do you get the feature in your "My Content" section to be hosted services?


So far I have uploaded my shapefiles in a .zip and created a map using the shapefiles. I’ve also created a web app using the “Finder” template and added my created map to it. All of my attributes are there and they appear in a popup when I click on a parcel. But when I am configuring the app it says that “No find layer has been configured” and “No layers available. Check your web map for valid layers”. How do I actually host a layer so that I can configure the search feature?


I have tried configuring the feature search based on the documentation, but I do not have the “Find Locations” setting available under the application settings.


Also, I am using a 60 day trial of ArcGIS Online if that makes a difference.


Attached are screenshots to help explain my problem.