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Search Widget - "Invalid URL"

Question asked by evtguy on Aug 17, 2015
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Trying to use the Search widget for the first time and I'm getting an "Invalid URL" as I start to type in the widget. The service itself works since I can use it via the REST directory:



I'm modeling my code partly after what's in this thread (April 22nd by John Ritsko). Anyways here's my code:


    var s = new Search({
        sources: [{
            locator: new Locator(SERVERPATH + "/transportation/StreetsGeocder/GeocodeServer"),
            singleLineFieldName: "Single Line Input",
            name: "County Geocoding Service",
            localSearchOptions: {
                minScale: 300000,
                distance: 50000},
            placeholder: "Search for Street / Address",
            maxResults: 3,
            maxSuggestions: 6,
            enableSuggestions: true,
            minCharacters: 0


Here's the error in the console:




I've tried both an absolute URL to the Geocoder service as well as the relative pathing as shown above. So what gives?