How to format numeric attribute values in an infoWindow

Discussion created by stevel on Nov 10, 2010
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Is it possible to format attribute values in an infoWindow?

For example, see the sample at

The infoWindow template uses population density values from attribute values in a variable:

infoTemplate.setContent("<b>2000 Population: </b>${POP2000}<br/>"
                             + "<b>2000 Population per Sq. Mi.: </b>${POP00_SQMI}<br/>"
                             + "<b>2007 Population: </b>${POP2007}<br/>"
                             + "<b>2007 Population per Sq. Mi.: </b>${POP07_SQMI}");
Is it possible to apply formatting to these values, eg so the POP07_SQMI value is rounded to zero decimal places?