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Iterating through a feature class.

Question asked by dmensah2 on Jul 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by blake.terhune

Hello everyone!


I am a Python newbie, so forgive me if this question is pretty simple.


I'm trying to iterate through a shapefile feature class. The shapefile contains a bunch of points that I'm trying to clip based on another layer. This is what the script looks like when I do it:

arcpy.Clip_analysis('RF_Acreage', 'Lake_Ontario_Plains_FDRA_Boundary', r'L:\OPP\Rangers\Central Office\GIS\Deidre GIS Reporting Files\testmodel\Modeloutputs.zxgdb')


It works fine on it's own, but I need to do it for multiple regions. so it would be very tedious to clip one by one. So basically my input features will stay as 'RF_Acreage' while I clip it too different features.

Should I be using if statements and for loops? If so, how do I go about stringing these together?


Hopefully I'm making sense. Thanks in advance!