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Deploy "Custom" Custom Steps WMX Server

Question asked by meperko on Jul 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2015 by meperko

Hi.  We're implementing WMX for Desktop for some users and WMX for Server and web app for other users.  And we need to develop several "custom" custom steps (e.g. the WMX developer kit samples). So, we need to be able to deploy the same "custom" custom steps in both environments.  Can anyone point me to information that could help us answer the following types of questions?


~ How do we deploy a "custom" custom step tool (e.g. something from the WMX developer kit samples) so it is available to users using the web app version of WMX.


~ What is the best practice for creating "custom" custom step tools that need to work in both environments.  What is the best approach?  What do we need to watch out for?  What can we do in one environment, but not the other.


~ In the past, we've created a .dll and installed it on each desktop WMX user's computers - is that the correct way to deploy custom steps for desktop users?



Mary Ellen