Starting a job from script/externally

08-03-2015 01:04 PM
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Hello colleagues

Were currently trying to utilise workflow manager as the driver of all our main jobs in our area

One of the requirements is to kick off a workflow job from a website we expose

Will you be able to share some code (script or .NET or REST (or anything) ) that will allow us to start a new job from outside ArcMap or ArcCatalog

It will be deeply appreciated

Best regards

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I don't have any experience with Workflow Manager, sorry. Maybe you can find something useful from this Esri blog post?

Leveraging Geoprocessing in ArcGIS Workflow Manager – Part 2 | ArcGIS Blog

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You can find a link to the sample javascript viewer at

Workflow Manager | ArcGIS Resource Center

We have implemented this at my office as an online app that will allow our users that are allowed, the ability to create jobs. My understanding was that it was very straightforward to setup. The link to the website source code is also found on the page above.


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